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Dear parents,

Due to the rising concern of the novel coronavirus worldwide, our school has postponed the commencement of Term 1 to 15 Feb 2020, which is two weeks later than planned. Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

Before coming back to Chinese school, we highly recommend that parents could supervise your child/ren to learn Chinese language online at home. Please find the download/website links for year 1-9 textbooks and learning resources below and enjoy the interactive learning experience online with your child/ren. If your child/ren have any question while they are learning at home, please feel free to see our class teachers when the school starts on 15 Feb.

Enjoy your new learning experience at home and look forward to seeing you at school.

Xin Jin Shan Chinese Language and Culture School



Textbooks Download Links


 《学前中文》第一册 Early Learning – Book 1  寻找“学前中文第一册”

《中文》教材第一Chinese – Book 1

《中文》教材第二册 Chinese – Book 2

《中文》教材第三Chinese – Book 3

《中文》教材第四Chinese – Book 4

《中文》教材第五Chinese – Book 5

《中文》教材第六Chinese – Book 6

《中文》教材第七Chinese – Book 7

《中文》教材第八Chinese – Book 8

《中文》教材第九Chinese – Book 9



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